2019 Canton Spring Fair-
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2019 Canton Spring Fair : China



On April 15th, the 125th canton spring fair opened. According to relevant data, the number of buyers from various countries exceeded the expectations of exhibitors. The emergence of this phenomenon is the result of the continuous efforts of Chinese lighting enterprises in the past decade. They timely grasp the world consumer trends and transformation and upgrading needs, The energy-saving and environment-friendly lamps are constantly in line with international standards, and it exceeds international standards in many indicators. The quality of the lamps and lanterns differs no big from that of developed countries in Europe and America, but they are more competitive in price so as to have a strong competitiveness. At the same time, China's lighting industry has a complete industrial chain, making it impossible for India, Vietnam and other regions with low labor costs to completely copy China's energy-saving lighting production experience. This means that China's energy-saving lighting enterprises occupy an increasingly important position in the world market.



During the fair, Zhejiang TWINSEL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. received more than 500 buyers in total. Most come from south-east Asia, the Middle East and Africa, with the rest concentrated in Europe, America and Australia. After a series of friendly negotiations and inquiries, even a few buyers used their own equipment for testing, buyers are satisfied with the technical content and price of Twinsel LED energy-saving lighting and believe that Twinsel energy-saving lighting are very competitive. This also proves that Twinsel is striding forward to become an internationally renowned enterprise that produces lamps, light sources, accessories and other products, and builds a production chain integrating R&D, production, testing and sales. At the same time, it means that Chinese lighting enterprises have stepped into a new era of lighting design and brand building from the old era of simple individual processing and copying.