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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair: Traditional lighting products are out of favor and interconnected intelligent lighting becomes this year's battlefiel


As a large-scale exhibition of Asian lighting industry, this year's "Global Intelligent Commerce" reporter observed directly on the spot, and found that the traditional lighting equipment is no longer popular. It is the future trend that lamps and lanterns can be interconnected with other home intelligent devices. In the next few years, intelligent lighting and smart home will develop together and become the two fastest growing areas. At present, both traditional enterprises and technological enterprises are interested in sharing a piece of the market with infinite potential.

For example, Graffiti Intelligence can help smart products in the home to carry out secret-free fast distribution network and local networking through the original FFC (Fast Facility Connection) technology. Dynamic random key algorithm provides higher-level security protection, and supports multi-class control of lights, sockets, sensors, small and small household appliances and other products.

Zhejiang TWINSEL Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., an international well-known enterprise, integrates the original technology of graffiti and the development of its own technology, demonstrates the intelligent lighting system and the grand launch of smart home. The products include smart ceiling light, smart downlight, smart filament lamp, a series of smart bulbs, Bluetooth and wifi, which are suitable for Android and ios. With the background of the room as a foil to the practicability of smart home, the new achievements of the deep integration of technology and lighting products are displayed. The participants can directly feel the wisdom of life in all directions on the spot.