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Safety is everything——Twinsel organizes fire drills


    On March 29, 2019, in order to improve the ability of all employees to cope with emergencies, enhance their safety awareness and safety knowledge education. Zhejiang Twinsel Electronic Technology Co., ltd. carried out a fire drill, which included "emergency evacuation" and "fire extinguishing".


    Emergency evacuation drill began in the sound of fire alarm, and smoke alarm appeared in the evacuation channel. According to the fire emergency plan, all departments and workshop personnel responded quickly. Under the leadership of the responsible person, they kept calm, covered their mouths and noses, and quickly evacuated to the safe area from all the exit passageways.

    After the emergency evacuation drill was completed, the security chief explained the cause and prevention of fire, the types and application scope of fire extinguishers, and explained the operation rules of dry powder fire extinguishers in detail.

    ①Put the fire extinguisher tank shaking up and down more than three times;② Open the safety tip;③Hold the leather hose which jet powder toward the fire;④ From the ignition point 4 -- 6 meters press down hard on the handle, choose the wind position or side wind direction close to the fire, jet dry powder into the fire root;⑤Extinguish and cool with water to remove smoke to prevent reburning.

     Then, under the guidance of the security chief, all departments and workshop staff carried out the study and practice of dry powder fire extinguishers.The security team took the lead to each department to carry out a standard fire drill, followed by the departments are in an orderly way to drill.

    Enterprises are the subject of safe production. This fire drill is a routine activity of the company, aiming to continuously strengthen the safety awareness of employees and firmly build the ideological defense line of safe production.